A song for Easter, by Elizabeth Cotten

Here is beautiful song for this Easter Sunday. It is by an amazing woman named, Elizabeth Cotten (1893 - 1987), and it is titled, Shake Sugaree. She was born in Chapel Hill, North Carolina and was a self-taught left-handed guitarist. She developed her own unique style of playing because she used a right-handed guitar upside down, not re-strung for left-handed playing. So she strummed the bass strings with her fingers and played the melody with her thumb. Her style of alternating bass became known as "Cotton Picking".  

Her music is mellow and honest. Perhaps it is because i grew up in the country, but every time i hear her music it takes me back to a time of my youth. A time when my friends and i would sit by a campfire in a field surrounded by the star-filled skies, and thousands of fireflies flickering in the night. 


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