Absinthe and Chocolate...

Last night after we made dinner we decided to walk to the Old Port to find something for dessert. We decided to try the Bar of Chocolate Cafe on Wharf Street. We had walked by this place hundreds of times but this was the night we decided to go in. What an excellent decision! It is a very unique place that is perfect for a night cap. All they serve are drinks and dessert. The warm, dim lighting makes it all very intimate. Erin had a decadent piece of their chocolate cake and a Manhattan cocktail. With all the Paris themed wall hangings, i decided to chase the green fairy and ordered a full dose of Absinthe. The entire experience was amazing!

It reminded me of a poem about Absinthe by the french poet Gustave Kahn.


Absinthe, mother of all happiness, O
infinite liquor, you glint in my glass
green and pale like the eyes of the
mistress I once loved. Absinthe, mother
of happiness, like Her, you leave in the
body a memory of distant pain; absinthe,
mother of insane rages and of staggering
drunkeness, where one can say without
thinking oneself mad that one is loved
by one's mistress. Absinthe, your
fragrance smoothes me...

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Glass of Absinthe at the Bar of Chocolate, Portland, Maine

Glass of Absinthe at the Bar of Chocolate, Portland, Maine