The stairs at the Pomegranate Inn - Portland, Maine

The Pomegranate Inn, which is located in the historic West End of Portland, Maine is an amazing place. It is owned by Kimberly Swan, and managed by Lark Hotels. It is filled with art, and very eclectic decor that awakens parts of your eyes and mind that you may not be aware you had. It has eight spectacular guest rooms, which are all different, and seven of them have hand-painted walls.

i absolutely love the guest rooms, and the common rooms, but the stairs i think are my favorite feature. It is an Italiante style mansion that was built in 1884. As you enter the front door you are greeted by these amazing stairs, and there are four tiers to reach the third floor. The first two sections are covered in a leopard print which pairs nicely with the black and white  checkered floor. The last two tiers are covered in a rose colored carpet. With the high-gloss, bold, yellow walls that are covered with a variety different kinds of art work, it creates an incredible experience to navigate your way up and down them. There are big beautiful windows at each landing, that especially in the spring with all the trees blooming are extremely nice to stop and gaze out (and catch your breath). 

i like the stairs because they connect the entire place together. They are your access to the three floors, or three different worlds as it almost seems. i think that before experiencing these stairs at the Pomegranate Inn, i always viewed stairs as just a basic tool to get me to the next floor. But now i see endless possibilities for stairs, and when i design my dream home you can be sure the stairs will be a main attraction. 

Pomegranate Inn , Portland, Maine - view of stairs from the second floor.

Pomegranate Inn , Portland, Maine - view of stairs from the second floor.

Pomegranate Inn 

49 Neal Street

Portland, Maine 04102

(207) 772-1006