Children's Portraits Collaboration Project: Angel's Wings & Such

Children's Portraits Collaboration Project: Angel's Wings & Such

Last autumn I had the opportunity to do a fun portrait project for a family of their five children for their annual holiday card. The concept was inspired by a wall that has angel's wings painted on it in Nashville, TN that many tourists stand in front of to give the illusion that they have wings.

Being that we are located in Columbus, Ohio we had to "fake it". As much as I would have enjoyed spray painting on the side of a building it seemed like a better idea to collaborate with a local artist, Cassidy Rae Marietta, whose work I felt was perfect for this concept. So we developed a plan of attack and set out to accomplish this for my client. 

I photographed the children in front of two different walls, one was to be used for the wings and the other for another fun holiday design. Cassidy then designed the art by hand and her husband, Zac Marietta, who is a talented retoucher / photographer did his photoshop magic and added the designs to my photographs of the children. The client was extremely happy with the results, as were we. It was great to collaborate with other local artists on a project.


The following portraits are the other versions with graphic art added in post-production.


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