: feeding ME with David Hyde - GoBerry Frozen Yogurt

: feeding ME is a project we started in 2012 that explores the independent, entrepreneurial spirit of Maine by interviewing local food purveyors and artisans. With environmental portraits and interviews we will tell the story of the individuals who are behind Maine's local food community. It includes markets, restaurants, farms, Bed and Breakfasts, etc. To view more photography work by henrY Leiter Foto please visit the portfolio section: www.henryfoto.com

David Hyde - GoBerry Frozen Yogurt, Portland, Maine

David Hyde - GoBerry Frozen Yogurt, Portland, Maine

Meet David Hyde, former L.L. Bean employee and model, former director of a non-profit, and outdoor enthusiast. David and his wife were inspired by the topography of Maine and moved here to start a family. The proximity to the ocean, mountains, and the fresh water lakes drew them here. However, having met David, it is hard to say whether he simply chose to live here, or if Maine chose David.

David is a visionary. He used his experience with cancer to start a non-profit that took people who had also struggled with cancer on kayaking and canoeing trips. The experience was designed to help with the emotional side of the healing process. After several years, David decided to transition back to a more traditional style of business that is rooted in the community of Portland. The original concept and recipes for GoBerry Frozen Yogurt were created by his nephew in North Hampton, Massachusetts. David decided to bring the idea to Portland, Maine and opened his shop in the Old Port District, in 2012.

The yogurt is made fresh daily with local dairy from Smiling Hill Farm, located in Westbrook, Maine. David and Guthrie, the store manager, greet each customer that walk through the door with enthusiasm for the product. They get to know their customers and help them create the perfect blend of frozen yogurt and fresh toppings to satisfy their palette. No matter the season, if you are in the Old Port District, stop into GoBerry Frozen Yogurt and customize your own special treat.

Goberry Frozen Yogurt

399 Fore Street

Portland, Maine 04101

(207) 253-6817